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NAMI Support Groups

How To Attend

NAMI Kern County will use Zoom to host Online Support Groups. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. You can contact 661-247-5426 with any questions.

Please note: 
Anyone is welcome to register for and join a group. Please note: our NAMI Support Groups are CLOSED MEETINGS. In order to keep our group settings safe and confidential, we do not allow anyone to observe our support groups. If you are not in need of the support each group provides and are only joining a group to observe the process, you will be removed.

NAMI Online Support Groups and Forums are not intended to replace or be used as a substitute for clinical or medical services, and facilitators are NAMI-trained peers, not mental health professionals. By attending and participating in NAMI Kern County’s Online Support Groups and Forums, you agree to abide by Group Guidelines and Principles of Support outlined at the start of each meeting, and can be removed and/or banned from any meeting at the staff and/or facilitators’ discretion.

Family Support Groups

Care & Share family support groups provide support, education, advocacy and information to family members and friends of those suffering with severe mental illness. Each person has an opportunity, if they wish, to share their current situation with the group. Since everyone attending has or is going through similar issues, everyone can offer understanding and comfort. Often group members are able to offer helpful ideas, suggestions and resources.

"Connection" Peer Support

NAMI "Connection" Support Group is available at different times and locations throughout the month. It is mentored by trained peers with lived experience. Allows the consumer/peer a safe non-threatening environment to meet with others for support within their peer group.
• They find they are not along in dealing with their illness
• Helps them associate with friends who may have similar interests and goals
• Helps them in their recover process
Peers generally stay in recovery when they are actively involved in programs like these that encourage recovery. Call: 661-247-5426 or click the button for more information.


Peer: an individual living with mental health condition or lived experience, and who has achieved a significant recovery to assist others in their recovery.
Family members: parents, adult sons, daughters, or siblings, spouse, partners, significant others, caregivers, friends/supporters of individuals living with mental illness.
Consumers: persons living with a mental illness

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